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Here is a brief run down of my background, knowledge base, diagnosis and treatment method, and other pertinent details.


My partner, Anthony Mikla, and I founded Kime Performance Physical Therapy with the focus at providing the highest quality sport medicine rehabiliation known.  Together, we have researched the most effective approach for improving the entire human condition following injury or a pain syndrome.  We aim to dive much deeper than the current symptom in order to find the mechanism for injury and pain.  This approach  strives for a long term solution to what adversely affects people from performing better in life, whether that activity be running a half marathon, performing work activity well, losing 30 lbs, or making the team.  We specialize in MOVEMENT!


I am a physical therapist, StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level 2, strength coach, exercise and fitness consultant, and avid exerciser. My personal exercise preference utilizes the Kettlebell, bodyweight calisthenics, Power and Olympic weightlifting.  I am also the personal Physical Therapist for Sacramento's own, WEC Champ and UFC Champ Contender, Urijah Faber.


At Mini's House of Pain, we implement many kettlebell specific lifts to improve physical health with both Strength & Conditioning.  I am thoroughly convinced that there is not a single more valuable tool in the strength field than a Kettlebell.  Its unique design along with VERY specific and well trained movement patterns allow for a unique experience by the trained user to correct asymmetries, improper loading patterns, and deficits all too common for people.  The StrongFirst organization holds the Gold Standard for this training, this is easily evident with brief Google research as the founder Pavel Tsatsoline reintroduced the kettlebell to the West in the late 90's and transformed our culture as a result.  The SFG (StrongFirst Girya) certification process is a very intense 3 day course involving many strict tests with a 30-40% failure rate among the fitness professionals that attend.  The training and knowledge base that this organization implements into its curriculum is above the rest.



Santa Clara University: BS Mechanical Engineering

University of California, Davis: MS Biomedical Engineering - Biomechanics

California State University, Sacramento: MPT Physical Therapy 


My research as an academic at UCD and CSUS focused on how our tissue adapts to exercise stress and the muscle recruitment patterns with various functional movements.


My method of how I understand, diagnosis, and treat the human system stems from keen observation of innate functional patterns. Movement screens and treating the movement rather than the site of pain is increasingly becoming the gold standard of rehabilitation.  These movements are corrective strategies I design for clients/patients.


The specific method of assessment I use, with all clients/athelets/patients, is called the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, otherwise known as SFMA.  This method correlates well with Functional Movement Assessment, or FMS, the method my strength coach colleagues use to screen athletes.  


I hope you enjoy and benefit from the information and knowledge provided.





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