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Team House of Pain

Vince, Gabe, Tony, Justin, Hammer, Tom, Jen, and myself live in the House of Pain.


This is my home.  Kettlebells swinging, rubber weights hitting the floor, loud music pumping people up while they sweat, and the ring of coaching commands through the air are just a few of the sweet pleasures of Mini's House of Pain.


I, like you, have joined this team for the skill, energy, and discipline found amongst this fine group of coaches.


If you are member of Mini's House of Pain, and feel that my services can be of use to you, please read the following.


First:  Review my Services Tab

Second:  Either Tony or myself can assess your pain syndrome or injury.  We are available through most hours of the day and most days of the week.

Third:  If your issue needs more than a quick stretch, modification, or tape job, then I will recommend you schedule an appointment, with either Tony or myself.  This is for your safety and our sanity.

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