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Below is a list of ways we can work with you.  I understand how the world of sports medicine can be confusing on many levels.  So if you are seeking my help, please read carefully.  Contact me directly if there are any further questions.

Cash Pay Service

Rates:  Our rates vary depending on location and appointment length.  We discount our price for those involved in our month program.  Please contact me for precise details.

Evaluation: This 45 min session will include a full body and movement assessment, as well as initiating treatment for the underlying dysfunction.  This part is the MOST important part of what I do, which is to IDENTIFY WHY you have pain. 


Follow up: This 30 min session will include both manual therapy and a therapeutic exercise program design and implementation.  During these sessions, I will help you correct the underlying dysfunction.


Monthly Program:  This discounted rate is for those who choose to participate in a program heavily supervised by Tony or myself.  This will involve manual therapy as necessary.  This program is best for people who have had a recent surgery or major injury that involves consistent and focused work.   This program includes a consistent appointment 1x per week.  This program is primarily designed for those who need precise and focused exercise to correct the dysfunction.  


Quick Screens:  For members of Mini's House of Pain Only - We will give anyone a FREE quick screen.  This involves a brief assessment of the injury with a proposed timeline for healing and exercise recommendation. This does NOT involve treatment.  Feel free to contact me anytime for this purpose.  Please understand if I am not able to attend to you immediately, it is because I may be involved with a scheduled treatment session.

Insurance Services

Understanding Deductible with PPO or HMO Plans

The Health Care world has changed significantly over the past decade.  The biggest change has been related to understanding how a deductible plays a role into using your insurance.  The idea of catastrophic insurance has been the growing reality for most people, in other words, the cost of using your insurance is more than most are ready for.  I say it like this because health care costs can be significantly higher when rates go through  insurance.


Please understand that if your plan is a PPO with a deductible OR a HMO with a deductible, you will first need to meet that deductible before your benefit is actualized.  This means that when a PT clinic takes your insurance, you will be charged in full until your deductible is met.  And the full rate that is charged to insurance is always higher than the cash rate any clinic/PT is ready to accept.  Please keep this in mind when comparing my costs to others.

With that said, Kime Performance Physical Therapy does take some PPO's and Medicare.  Please contact us for further details.


Other Professional Services

My rates vary for professional services beyond Physical Therapy Services.  If you feel my experience, knowledge base, and skills can benefit you outside of a PT session environment, feel free to contact me.


My past and current projects include: Professional Consult/PT for CSUS Crew, Professional Consult to MMA Draft and UFC Combines, multiple Magazine article contributions.

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